What To Expect At The First Communion Mass

First, and most important, relax and enjoy the day with your First Communicant, family, and friends. 

We will be available to help capture the memories of First Communion. During the day we... 

  • offer individual portrait sessions,
  • photograph each child receiving First Communion during Mass
  • photograph children involved in the Mass - lectures, choir, etc. 
  • photograph the entire group after each Mass.
StAnn First Communion May 6-2017-3709.jpg


Don’t worry about ordering anything before the Mass. Enjoy this special occasion with your family.

  • After the Mass, you’ll be able to order online for all photographs – Individual portraits, group, and Mass
  • The gallery & online ordering should be available by Tuesday after the Mass
  • You can link to the galleries and online ordering at www.GreatPhotography.com


  • The photographer will be available from 8:00 am – 2:00 pm.
  • No appointment necessary
  • The Studio is in Room 116 (North West corner of the courtyard)
  • No deposit
  • We must stop photography ten minutes before each Mass.

Receiving First Communion at Mass

  • Two photographers will be photographing communion
  • One on each side of the altar
  • We try to get a few photographs from which you can choose
  • After receiving communion, be careful not to stand between the photographers and those receiving communion.

Group Photograph

  • A group photograph will be done in the Assembly Room immediately following the Mass.
  • The children will be arranged on the front steps and several photographs taken by one of the professional photographers.
  • As soon as the photographer is done, parents will have a moment to photograph the group.

Photographs with The Priest

  • After the group photograph, First Communicants will have the opportunity to have their photograph taken with the priest.
  • These photos are to be taken by the family – this is not something the professional photographers will be doing.