First Communion

Thank you for allowing me to share this very special day with you. With the links below you'll find online galleries where you can order prints to display and share with friends and family. Keep in mind that there was a lot going on that day and you'll find the galleries organized to try and help you find all of the images of your child quickly. 

Online Galleries

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You'll find all the galleries divided into three major sections - Individual Portraits, First Communion, and the group photo. As you browse the gallery, please keep the following in mind;

Individual Portrait Galleries

  • All portrait images can be cropped - See "Cropping Images" below.

Receiving First Communion

  • All First Communion images can be cropped - See "Cropping Images" below.

  • Images captured during the Mass are generally divided into two groups depending on which line you're child was in - Left or Right.

  • At St. Ann's there are usually two lines of first communicants and the alter can get quite crowded. We do our best to capture the finest image of your child at this very special moment. Please know that during the Mass we can not interfere with the service and have no control over the proceedings. From time to time, someone may walk in front of our cameras or block our view.

Group Photo

  • The group photos are designed to print as 8x10 inch prints. That is the only size option for the group photo. Group photos should NOT be cropped.

Misc Photos

  • We do not regularly photograph other parts of the Mass. However, when we are in the church we will try to photograph the readers, choir, etc. We do NOT get photos of everyone participating in the Mass. These are offered as extras when available.

Ordering Images

When you click on an individual image, the most popular sizes are displayed at the right. TO VIEW ALL AVAILABLE PRODUCTS, click on "Visit Shop" at the top of the quick price list that is displayed when you select an individual image. 

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Cropping Images

  • When you view your selections in the shopping cart, you'll see each image and a thumbnail showing the cropping for each different size you're ordering.

  • To adjust the crop, click on the thumbnail and edit the image. Click and drag the cropping box to your liking.

  • Please note that we are unable to reprint images because of cropping so take a moment to ensure that the images are cropped to your liking.

Ordering - General Information

  • I recommend that you access the online galleries with a desktop or laptop computer and not your mobile device.

  • Be sure to enter your complete address, including apartment or lot numbers and zip code. If you have problems with oversized mail deliveries, you may want to select a delivery option other that US Postal Service.

  • All orders are printed at a professional lab and will be shipped directly to you.


If you have any questions please contact me. I'm happy to help.

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