St. Ann Confirmation 

Before you go to our online gallery and ordering, please read the important notes below. The link to the gallery is at the bottom of this page.  Confirmation photographs are captured during the Mass when the confirmation candidate is anointed. At St. Ann's there are usually two lines of candidates and the alter can get quite crowded. We do our best to capture the finest image of your child at this very special moment. Please know that during the Mass we can not interfere with the service and have no control over the proceedings. From time to time, someone may walk in front of our cameras or block our view.

What You'll Find In The Galleries

Images in the gallery are organized by Date and Mass Time.  (If there are two priests anointing the candidates, there will be folders for Left and Right lines).  For each, there are two sets of photographs.  The first is a collection of all the images shot during the Mass. The second is a collection of composite images that include the Bishop's prayer and the image. These composite images are designed to print as 8x10 inch prints and can not be ordered in any other size. 

You Can Crop

When ordering any individual photo, please remember that the images can be cropped to fit different size prints. Make sure the crop is how you like it before ordering your print. We can not reprint any images because of a crop. 

If you'd prefer a different crop for the image used in the composite, please let us know BEFORE YOU ORDER. Go to About > Contact above to send us a note.